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Alan Lowe

Author, Folklorist & Ghost Hunter

2015 Lecture Topic:   Stories of a Ghost Hunter

Speaking at 9:15



At an early age, Alan had experiences that defied explanation and compelled him to discover what lurked in the dark recesses of his home.  As a result, he has devoted himself to the pursuit of ghosts and an understanding of the paranormal.  He and his wife Angela are founder's of The Spirit Seekers Paranormal Investigation, Research and Intervention Team. He is the author of,  "The Ghosts of Little Rock" and "Supernatural Arkansas: Ghost, Monsters and the Unexplained.Alan can be seen at Paranormal Expos and Conferences throughout the South, holding workshops and talking about his experiences.  He has appeared on television, radio and in print for the last decade, spinning stories and leading listeners into the dark haunted corners of his home state of Arkansas.  Alan has consulted on the television series, "A Haunting" for the Discovery Channel; and was recently a guest on the radio program"Tales from the South," a live presentation heard by over 30 million people in 17 countries.  His experience and down-to-earth, honest approach to paranormal research makes him one of the most popular speakers in the South.









Adrian Scalf

Co-Founder of River Valley Paranormal Research & Investigations, RVPRI, Member and Central Laison of TAPS Family & International Paranormal Investigators, Arkansas Rep.


 Adrian Scalf  River Valley Paranormal Research & Investigations RVPRI


Adrian Scalf was a non-believer in all things paranormal until 1999 when he had an undeniable paranormal experience and could no longer ignore that there are things out there that aren't what is considered normal.  Adrian and his wife, Tina, started River Valley Paranormal Research & Investigations in Fort Smith, Arkansas after moving into their second haunted home and found no help from their church.  Since then Adrian has made it his mission to help those who have no one else to turn to, and does so from a Christian perspective.  Adrian has been seen in the Booth brothers movie, "Soul Catcher" and on Travel Channels, "Ghost Adventures."













Carol Pate


2015 Lecture Topic:    Her life and beliefs on being a Psychic

Speaking at 2:30


Carol Pate was born with psychic abilities. By the age of 12, she was working with law enforcement agencies in helping them solve cases of embezzlement, homicide and missing persons. She is now a licensed minister, a teacher and a practicing psychic counselor. Ms. Pate was chosen in 1991 as the top female psychic in the U.S. by Unicorn World Coordination and Tokyo Broadcast System in Japan. She has been featured in three international television documentaries and has worked with all facets of the media at local, state and national levels, as well as internationally. She has appeared as a guest expert on "The Geraldo Rivera Show" and has also appeared on "The Other Side", "Sightings", "Unsolved Mysteries" and "Beyond Chance". Most recent on MSNBC Abrahams Report", "Psychic Detectives" and "Larry King Live."



Rick Marshall

Co-Founder of Paranormal Ozarks Investigationss

2015 Lecture Topic: Investigating Ozark Cryptid Legends



Rick Marshall founded Paranormal Ozarks Investigations (POI), a scientific paranormal research team based in Northwest Arkansas, in 2007 with his wife Laurie.  POI actively researches claims of hauntings, cryptozoological reports and Ozark Legends such as, The Ozark Howler, The Wampus Cat, The White River Monster, and various spook lights throughout the Ozarks.  Rick has been fascinated with the mysterious and unexplained aspects of our universe his whole life.  From childhood, he has experienced strange events, most of which remain unexplained to this day.  Rick's defining moment with the paranormal occurred while in college when an apparition appeared in front of him and his cat also reacted to it.  Experiences like these have driven Rick in his research of unexplained phenomena. A 1990 graduate of Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, Rick has a degree in Physics with a strong background in Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Computer Science.  Rick is currently employed by a Fortune 500 CPG company.  In his spare time, Rick enjoys spending time with his family and friends in such diverse activities as astronomy, computer gaming, geocaching, music and sports.





Robert Swain

Bigfoot Field Researcher

Co-Founder of Arkansas Primates Evidence Society & Laughsquatch Cartoons

2015 Lecture Topic: Bigfoot in Arkansas


Robert Swain has had a life -long interest in the Sasquatch mystery.  He has been a field researcher since 2006, looking for Bigfoot primarily in the hills of Arkansas.  Robert is the artist of the Laughsquatch cartoons and is the author of, "Laughsquatch: Is In The Bag!" He is a regular speaker at Bigfoot conferences across the country and serves on the board of AIBR - Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers and is co-founder of APES - Arkansas Primate Evidence Society. 


    Robert Swain







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